TNB Night Owl – The Eagle Is Flying

Golden eagle in flight, photo by Tom Koerner of US Fish and Wildlife Service

Fifty years ago, the first men walked on the Moon. Americans and non-Americans alike experienced the broadcast, starting with the triumphant phrase “The Eagle has landed.”

So, tonight, I wanted to present another type of eagle… a real eagle, professionally handled and carrying a camera.

The eagles are cared for by the group Freedom Conservation. After providing a few awe-inspiring videos from their feathered camerabirds to Youtube and other venues, they let one of their eagles, Darshan, soar from the top of the Burj kalifa in Dubai. It sailed the wind for a full five minutes before locating and landing on the arm of its handler.

It’s a glorious piece of filming, and it serves as a great reminder of just how superior raptor eyesight can be to human vision.

So, some video taken by our national bird (and its cousin, the golden eagle), to entertain and astonish you.

The Dubai flight, edited to minimize some of the bird’s circling:

A Paris flight, for anyone wishing to see the Eiffel Tower from a bird’s perspective:

The Mont Blanc Ultra-Trail in France:

A mix of the London flights:

Freedom Conservation is based out of France. Their efforts, much like the American moon landing, are broadcast to the world and they are promoting some of the defining concepts which inspired this country’s founding. I hope you enjoy the beauty of flight this evening.

Question of the night: What’s something or someone you find inspirational?

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