TNB Night Owl – Unko Museum

Poopsie toys, photo by AlienMotives

The Unko Museum in Japan’s Yokohama is less of a traditional museum and more of an interactive series of exhibits. This style of museum is not unusual; many contemporary science museums are designed to be as hands-on as possible, encouraging kids and adults alike to learn about the world around them.

The interactivity is in questionable taste in this case, because “Unko” roughly translates to “Poop”. It’s an interactive poop museum.

It has four parts: Poop Plaza, the Unstagenic area (with plenty of camera-ready visuals), the Untelligence area (where people can learn about the history of poop and see toys and collectibles from throughout the world), and the Unteractive area (with games and activities).

They even have “poopsicles” for people, instead of your standard popsicles.

It’s been incredibly successful… so much, in fact, that its lifetime has been extended. The location went live in March and was slated to close on July 15; because of the sheer number of visitors and the positive responses, it’s been pushed out… sorry… to September 30th.

The first Japanese poop museum will almost certainly spawn a second one, or perhaps a permanent facility somewhere. It’s certainly drawing international attention.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite frozen treat on a stick?

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