Watch Live: CNN Host Democratic Primary Debate Night Two

Vote Already! Vote Sign. Photo by Collin Knopp-Schwyn.

As the News Blender reported on Tuesday night, CNN kicked off a two-night event featuring 10 of the 20 front-runner Democratic Primary hopefuls.

On Wednesday the next ten face-off.

Some highlights from Tuesday night.

CBS News reports the line-up for tonight’s Democratic Debate is from left to right.

  • Michael Bennet.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand.
  • Julián Castro
  • Cory Booker.
  • Joe Biden.
  • Kamala Harris.
  • Andrew Young.
  • Tulsi Gabbard.
  • Jay Inslee.
  • Bill de Blasio.

As with last night’s debate, CNN is broadcasting the event live across platforms, you do not need a cable subscription.

For What it’s worth.

After her last appearance in a Democratic Debate, Gabbard, announced she was suing Google.

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