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Blue sunglasses from UK Science Museum

Sunglasses are a very effective tool for shielding vision during bright sunny days. They are also a fashion accessory, with various tints and frames shifting in and out of style.

And, supposedly, they’re also diet supplements.

The Blue Sunglasses Diet is among the cheapest, easiest diets in the world, because it consists merely of putting on blue sunglasses before eating. If this sounds silly… it is. It may also be effective.

The concept has been around for more than a decade, as articles from places like the UK Telegraph demonstrate. They continue to be used, as an article from Insider magazine in 2017 shows.

The concept is simple. Japanese researchers used various filters for test subjects and determined which color, and which shade, people felt made food look least appetizing. The color was blue, and they manufactured sunglasses with lenses tinted in that exact shade for people to wear while eating.

It’s worth noting that any non-white food item will naturally appear as a darker shade than the “ideal”, but apparently all blue food is somewhat unappealing.

Does the diet work? As with all diets, it depends on who you ask. I’d imagine it wouldn’t work very well on serious fans of blueberries, though.

And George Carlin would likely declare it a conspiracy to keep us all from living forever.

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