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Dog collage, photos by Habj, Pharoah Hound, ALMM, Ed Garcia, boxercab and AleR

There are many dating sites and apps available in the electronic age. We’ve gone from the mild humor of “computer dating” in the 1970s through today with compatibility tests growing steadily more comprehensive and casual relationship finders become steadily more popular.

Many of the sites are disturbing. Just as Rule 34 remains in effect on the internet after more than twenty years, many of the dating sites available are… unusual. Whether it’s people willing to be exploited for money, people sharing sexual fetishes or people embracing their perceived elitism, a large number of the internet dating possibilities remain places into which the unwary should not venture.

Then there’s Dig.

The premise is simple: it’s a dating app that seeks to join two compatible people for long-term relationships. What sets it apart, its hook, is that it is exclusively meant for… dog people.

Dig was started after the founder met a guy she liked and went on dates with him, only to discover as the relationship developed that he did not like dogs and would not allow hers into his apartment.

Between a new boyfriend and an old pet, she chose the pet. Knowing that many others would have made the same decision, she started Dig to save people the annoyance of multiple dates with a person who had a deal-breaking incompatibility.

I’m sure her dog approves.

Question of the night: What is your favorite dog breed?

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