Trump Tweets Fake News That I Have Had to Put Up With for Years

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It’s Thursday.

For Friday Eve, the President has so far tweeted 7 times.

Thank you to FEMA, first responders, and all, for working so hard & being so well prepared. A great result!

Is he really thanking FEMA, first responders, and all, for Hurricane Dorian’s shift away from Puerto Rico?

For everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian, please be safe, prepare, and listen to warnings.

It’s far better to be over prepared than under prepared.

On Tuesday MSNBC’s The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell revealed that a source close to Deutsche Bank (DB) told him that according to documents in DB’s possession that President Trump paid little to no taxes and that loans obtained by President Trump were co-signed by Russian Oligarchs.

Later on his show, stressing it needed verified, O’Donnell reported the single sourced reporting that President Trump had Russian co-signers close to Russian President Putin.

O’Donnell apologized for his reporting on Wednesday.

He spent a few seconds of his show retracting the reporting from Tuesday.

For background, DB and Capital One Bank, were subpoenaed Democrat led House Committees, the Federal Judge handling the case asked both companies to tell the court if they had the requested tax documents that had been subpoenaed.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that according to a letter filed on Tuesday, the deadline set by the Judge, DB said they had copies of tax returns sought under the congressional subpoena.

Capital One said in their letter to the court, they did not have tax returns sought by the subpoena.

Reuters explains that while President Trump offered no details into the “giant package,” that would make farmers “so happy,” they note that the appeasement to farmers follows a decision made to grant 31 biofuel waivers that allowed small financially struggling oil refiners to forgo blending ethanol into their fuel.

The corn lobby said this was excessive and would undermine demand for ethanol and other biofuels.

They note that President Trump last week asked his Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and EPA Director Andrew Wheeler, to “come up with a solution that would boost biofuel demand in the wake of the EPA waiver decision. Among the proposals circulated was to ramp up biofuel blending quotas slightly, but there has been disagreement over when to apply the increase, sources said.”

The Economy is doing GREAT, with tremendous upside potential!

During an interview with Bloomberg Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin “said issuing ultra-long U.S. bonds is “under very serious consideration” in the Trump administration, possibly setting up a move that would mark a historic revamp of the $16 trillion Treasuries market.”

Mnuchin: If the conditions are right, then I would anticipate we’ll take advantage of long-term borrowing and execute on that.

He went on to say that revisiting the idea, that first surfaced in 2009 [gee, I wonder what was happening in 2009 that made the admin of the time think about doing this?] was unrelated to “the drop in yields on shorter-term U.S. debt. The yield on 30-year Treasuries slid below 2% for the first time earlier this month, and they continued their decline to a new record 1.90% on Wednesday.”

CNN reported on Thursday that according to a report issued by Real Capital Analytics for the first time in seven years [oh, you don’t say…um?] overseas investors “in office buildings and retail space became net sellers of properties.”

Direct acquisitions totaled $21.3 billion in the first half of the year, down by more than 40% compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, sales reached $21.4 billion.

No single region was responsible for the pullback, though China notably slid to No. 9 in the ranking of investors. The country, which has tightened rules on capital outflows, was fourth in 2018 and third in 2017.

CNN 8/29/19.

The lead author of the report Jim Costello said this is not a red warning, but more of a yellow one where the investors are facing challenges regarding high-ticket price deals.

It is not a whole class of investors writing off the US. Rather, the high-ticket price deals that these investors pursue are becoming more challenging.

Jim Costello via CNN.

But but but the economy is doing swell, no signals that we are headed for a recession at all. Nope.

It will be a giant package, get ready!

This is also known as, socialism…but shh., don’t tell the Republicans.

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