Trump Tweets: It’s Thursday’s Open Thread

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It’s Thursday.

The President has tweeted 3 times so far for Thursday.

As your President, one would think that I would be thrilled with our very strong dollar. I am not!

The Balance explains that a strong dollar, “means that our currency buys more of a foreign county’s goods. It can be good for consumers and international travelers because the things they want to buy (think electronics) and places they want to go are cheaper.”

The downside is that when the dollar is strong, “U.S. companies that sell goods to foreign customers suffer because, relative to a weaker currency, our goods and services cost more. It may mean U.S. producers are at a disadvantage in the global market.”

A weak dollar the article goes on to explain means, “our currency buys less of a foreign country’s goods or services. Prices on imported goods rise. Consumers must pay more for imports, and foreign travelers may need to scale back a vacation because it is more expensive when the dollar is weak.”

The upside to means, “our exports are more competitive in the global market, perhaps saving U.S. jobs in the process.”

As the News Blender reported last week, the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jerome Powell, explained the Feds decision to lower the benchmark interest rate to just below 2.25 percent.

In his press conference he explained the cut was a mid-cycle adjustment.

As the Washington Post noted at the time, along with interest rate cuts, the Fed also “announced that it would stop selling off its $3.8 trillion in assets in August, two months earlier than expected, in another easing move.”

The Fed meets again in September, the speculation is they will cut rates again.

During his presser Powell also noted that areas of concern are, unsure trade policies, along with softening business investment and declining manufacturing output.

Tariffs =’s tax on American consumers.

For What It’s Worth.

It should be noted here that after his visits to both Daytona, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, to visit victims of two mass shootings that happened over the weekend, he sent 5 tweets, attacking his critics. He also sent one promoting his visit to the hospital in El Paso.

For What It’s Worth Part 2.

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This is an Open Thread.

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