Nationalist Attacks Rock South Africa

Street view of a spinach vendor in Johannesburg, South Africa. Photo by Refiloe776.

Last week, Nigeria repatriated more than 200 citizens to its capital, Lagos, from South Africa in the wake of violent attacks. Following another outbreak of attacks on Saturday, Nigeria has repatriated 314 more.

Weeks of violence have resulted in twelve deaths and dozens of hospitalizations. While, as yet, none of the deaths have been Nigerian, the residents of that country have been the primary target of the attacks.

The death toll from the recent outbreak has been ten South Africans and two foreign citizens.

Random assaults have been occurring throughout South Africa, but the springboard for them has been a series of high-profile events in Johnannesburg.

Fires have been set, destroying businesses and homes. Over 425 people have been arrested for criminal assault and destruction of property. South Africa has seen occasional outbreaks of xenophobic violence throughout their post-Apartheid history, but recent demonstrations have been abnormally large.

The direct impetus for the public hatemongering is an ongoing bus strike. The general belief is that the buses are not moving because of union negotiations against allowing foreign drivers.

This is not officially the case; the bus worker union is clearly stating their demands, which have nothing to do with foreign hiring, instead focusing on more money and better working conditions for their represented employees.

According to Demawusa spokesperson, Dion Makhura, the non-participation of SAMWU and IMATU was not going to deter them from their objective, which is to secure a three-year salary progression for experienced workers and office space for their union in all three of Joburg Metrobus depots.

The South African

Nevertheless, they are reaping the benefit of political pressure from the nationalist attacks, even as tourists and foreign residents alike are being targeted and assaulted.

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