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Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin, Official Russian photo from http://www.kremlin.ru/

This week, most of the political oxygen in the global room was taken by the Trump impeachment news. Meanwhile the rest of the world continued to turn, and leaders of other countries attempted to get some of their own attention.

I’m offering samples of things they should have said or done in order to wrench the spotlight, even for a moment, from the President of the United States.

In order to present a bit of a challenge, the suggestions are presented in quiz format. For anyone wishing to prove their familiarity with foreign leaders, they can attempt to match the suggestion with the person’s name that fits within the blank.

  1. _____________ said that appearing in brownface was perfectly acceptable because he was “the long-lost secret son of Elizabeth Warren.”
  2. ______________ officially changed his first name to “Depeche”.
  3. ______________ shuffled his cabinet in an attempt to have at least one day where more of his senior staffers lost their jobs than Trump administration officials did.
  4. ______________ announced that there was no merit to the corruption allegations regarding tech entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri, because even when he was mayor “there was no possible way anyone could benefit from knowing me.”
  5. ______________ proposed the DMZ to be a new “Peace Zone”, immediately following with a request for investors for the new ChamberlainLand to be constructed there.
  6. ______________ stated that his country was demonstrating progress, moving past their history of black vs. white violence and into nationalist vs. foreigner, gang vs. gang, and male vs. female violence too.
  7. ______________ began a national campaign to remind his people that he was still in charge and had not, contrary to rampant media reports, simply handed over control of the country to a sixteen-year-old activist as a reward for her taking a boat ride.
  8. ______________ offered to go beyond the proposed swap of children as diplomats and simply trade second-to-last kids with President Trump. “You don’t like Tiffany, I don’t like Renan, so why not?”
  9. ______________ walked up to a political rival during a television interview and shot him in the back of the head with what was later determined to be a polonium bullet. He then denied all culpability in the matter.
  10. _______________ agreed to a meeting with President Trump at his Turnberry golf course after he suggested it be held on the week of 7/7 to commemorate the London tube bombings.

Options for the answers:

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan / President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil / President Moon Jae-In of South Korea / Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Great Britain / Prime Minister Stefan Löfven of Sweden / Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India / President Vladimir Putin of Russia / President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa / Taliban leaders of Afghanistan / Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada

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