TNB Night Owl – Batman’s Kiss Of Life

Collection of Batman Comic Books. Photo by Lee Kirby Ditko Comics.

Batman has resuscitated a number of people in the world of DC comics. It’s part of what he does. He’s Batman, after all. He fights crimes, he saves lives, he’s a master detective, he fights fires, he kisses cats…

Sorry, accidentally swerved into reality, there.

In 2013, two off-duty firefighters were at an American Legion event for children. They were dressed as Batman and Captain America, and they were teaching kids about proper behavior (one can assume they didn’t touch too heavily on the ethics of vigilante justice.)

While talking to the kids, “Batman”, John Buckland and “Captain America” Troy Marcum saw smoke from a nearby residential area. They recognized the color of the smoke as indicating a house fire, told someone to call for emergency personnel and ran over to see if they could help.

Both went inside to search for victims. Buckland found one. Just as he was deciding the heat had become too much for him, his hand closed on a lump of fur. He left the house with an unconscious cat in his arms.

For the next two minutes, he gave intermittent puffs of breath to the cat. It then woke up and hissed at him.

He’d have been better off with Anne Hathaway or Halle Berry.

Question of the night: Who was the best Batman?

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