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Rubber chickens, photo by Joe Mabel

K-Pop, or Korean pop, has been a growing musical trend, with the reigning stars of the scene – arguably the most influential band in the world right now – being the seven-member boy band BTS. Even people who don’t know anything about K-Pop have likely heard “Gangnam Style” by Psy. On Youtube, however, one star stands out from the crowd: Big Marvel.

Given name Hwang Myung-Hoon, Big Marvel has a series of videos in which he compares extremely expensive objects with their dollar-store equivalents. Although he usually has the side-by-side for musical instruments, it’s hard to choose one of them over this comparison of swords:

Watching the video, you might wonder about the rubber chicken which occasionally drops unexpectedly. That’s because the rubber chicken is where Big Marvel has really made his mark. It’s long been known as a comedic prop. What most people didn’t realize was its value as a musical instrument.

With a deadpan expression to rival Stephen Wright at his best, this is where the comedian and musician truly came into his own. As evidence…

Or this not-so-heartwrenching rendition of My Heart Will Go On, from Titanic:

Or when he decided to branch out and show his range, including instruments like toy guitar and dog toy:

Big Marvel has inspired other, more classically oriented musicians to follow his lead. The Australian duo Two Set Violin has released what is arguably the finest piece of music to be produced using four rubber chickens.

As always, when one person shows how something can be done, someone else will be ready to top it. Even playing the rubber chicken.

Question of the night: What song would you most like to see played on rubber chicken?

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