TNB Night Owl – Eyebleach

Burmese Cats cuddle. Photo by Sue Tupling.

There are some times you want to go where everybody doesn’t know your name. You’ve just had enough of the world and you need a momentary break.

This is where eyebleach comes in.

An oft-used term, it refers to an imaginary product which would take particularly disturbing images away. Seen something that you think might result in significant trauma? Eyebleach…

So, internet being internet, someone invented it.

Eyebleach is a website designed to give you different things to visualize. It functions in the same way “earworms” do, putting random pictures of cute animals, nature and other things commonly viewed as pleasant on the screens of the visitors.

It also has an area devoted to images of chesty young women, and another area, “animated”, which features some as well. There is no corresponding area of young buff men, presumably because young men are assumed to be shallow and single-minded enough to not find cats, dogs, or nature to be sufficiently distracting.

It’s insulting, but if you’re focused on being insulted, just click over to look at some of the cute dogs… there. Eyebleach. And a nice way to drift off for the night.

Question of the night: what are some of the sites you visit before logging out for the evening?

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