TNB Night Owl: The Munster House

Munsters, publicity still

I’ve made the mistake of becoming embroiled in a discussion tonight, at the same time I’m doing book preparation for a convention this weekend.

The result? I’m backed up… so I’m just going to tell you about someone’s home that you may want to visit someday. Specifically, Munster Mansion in Waxahachie, Texas.

Located a few dozen miles south of Dallas, Waxahachie is a small city with available land in almost every direction. This is where the married couple of Sandra and Charles McKee chose to construct an exact replica of the home shown on television.

The first problem they encountered was a distinct lack of blueprints. While 1313 Mockingbird Lane might present a very memorable home on television, there was no existing house against which they could compare. Instead, they watched episodes. Repeatedly. Taking as many images as they could and extrapolating from the exterior and interior shots as to what the sizes of the rooms had to be, where the walls needed to be situated, the bedrooms, the kitchen, etc…

The house was then decorated, partly with replicas of the tv show decor, partly with actual props used in the series.

It was completed in 2002. It is not a museum; this is their home, where the couple live. Once a year they open it for regular tours, and sometimes, when people contact them, they will allow visitors.

Maybe the’ll even have Butch Patrick greet you.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite black & white tv show or movie?

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