Trump Tweets: Tuesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Tuesday.

So far President Trump has not tweeted.

As the News Blender reported the President spoke before the 74th General Session of the United Nations.

Highlight from President Trump’s UN speech.

Prior to his appearance before global world leaders, to finish Monday, the President tweeted 9 times and re-tweeted 8 times.

At the time of writing this post, this was the President’s pinned tweet.

I have not confirmed this tweet, but for what it’s worth.

Propaganda video with dramatic music playing, it’s a highlight reel of President Trump’s time from Monday at the UN General Assembly.

Based on many news reports, that simply not true. However, in fairness to everyone, we do not know what the whistleblower has, as we have not seen the complaint.

As a reminder.

The Acting DNI, Joseph Maguire, is expected to testify before the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday, September 26th. The Wall Street Journal reported this is an open session, meaning a public hearing.

His testimony is expected to cover who directed him to break the law, when he failed to hand over a valid whistleblower complaint to Congress that the ICIG marked as urgent and credible.

Opinion: Is it wrong that I hope Berke is there for the questioning?

The Mocking Presidential Tweets.

I guess maybe we should be grateful he didn’t call Senator Mitt Romney or Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Nazi’s?

Thunberg’s full speech before the UN Climate Summit.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters that she viewed her meeting with President Trump as an excellent meeting. She also said that the President seemed interested in New Zealand’s gun buy back program.

Her taped remarks can be found @ the NZ Herald.

The 9th tweet has been deleted.

Hopefully they will work it out, and quickly! [the sentence was found at Trump Twitter Archive.]

Did Trump Tweet It has the deleted tweet in block quote form.

Did trump Tweet It

The context removed. Reddit says it was referencing to India and Pakistan.

@ 12:05 eastern time for Tuesday the President still has not tweeted.

President Trump has tweeted 2 times.

Yeah, okay release the call, fine, but that does not stop the inquiry.

His Acting DNI has broken the law by not turning over the whistleblower complaint.

Under the law he had seven days to provide it to Congress, he did not.

It should matter that our Acting DNI (Diretor of National Intelligence) broke the law.

This post will be updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.

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