Propaganda Watch– Homegrown part 2

Cactus houseplant. Photo by Sloman.

Yesterday I posted about some propaganda coming from the left. Today is some for the right-leaning crowd. What makes this notable is the group behind it.

Real Clear Politics has a reputation for being center and a somewhat reliable news aggregation site. However the Daily Beast recently discovered that the founders also ran a Facebook group called Conservative Country that pushes a decidedly partisan narrative. It’s linked stories and memes all support Trump, his narrative, and related topics. While the founders claim they use it to trace the flow of social media traffic, other sources say it supports a pay-for-play business model where outlets can pay to have their stories featured on the feed. A good chunk of linked stories, though, lead to their own properties:

They do link to outside sources as well:

Their posts aren’t limited to story links. They also post memes:

This next meme is interesting. Before coming across this while researching the piece, I’d seen it appear multiple times on my feed–reposted by people both on the far right and far left:

Next week I’ll go back to posting some of the Russian-purchased ads from the 2016 election cycle. But even as we look at those, we can’t forget that they aren’t the only ones looking to rile people up. We Americans are happy to do the work for them.

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