The Trump Shooting Rampage

President Donald Trump. Be Cool Meme. Image By Lenny Ghoul.

The New York Times reported on Sunday about a video which was shown at a pro-Trump conference last week. It depicts President Trump going on a rampage in the “Church of Fake News”, graphically murdering his enemies, who include both people with news logos as heads and political opponents.

Here’s the video, for as long as it remains online:

It started receiving attention when posted without the intro to Twitter:

As can be seen from comparing the two videos, the “edited” version is effectively the same, with the difference being that the opening, which would explain why the “fake news” is upset about children being stolen, has been truncated. This does not alter the body of the message at all, or change the intent or meaning of the video as a whole. It is a simple edit.

The organizer of the event has admitted that the video was on display as part of a video meme demonstration, meaning that there is no doubt that the video was shown and that this is not a fabrication of the President’s enemies.

The two most salient questions remaining are the identity of the people who constructed the video (the possibility exists that they were enemies of Trump, although if that were the case, it is very strange that they would not have leaked the existence to a press source; reportedly, the way this was discovered was because someone filmed the video on a camera and uploaded it to some associates) and the identities of the many people who would have watched the video and found it unworthy of public condemnation.

Attendees include Turning Points USA founder Charlie Kirk, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Donald Trump, Jr, One America Network’s Jack Posobiec, Dana Loesch, Wayne Dupree, Jason Chaffetz, Dinesh D’Souza, and Brandon Straka, founder of the #Walkaway campaign.

A floor plan of the conference, available here, demonstrates that the screens which were used for video displays were in full view of the main body of the conference. Anyone present during the time(s) the video was shown would have found it nearly impossible to not view the video.

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