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Jack-o-Lanterns. Photo by Mansour De Toth.

Josh Sundquist lost his leg to bone cancer at age nine. It did not stop him from enjoying life, nor did it stifle his competitiveness. Sundquist became a paralympian, competing in the men’s slalom.

That’s impressive. It helps explain his success as a motivational speaker. But it’s not why there’s a Night Owl dedicated to him.

He gets a dedicated post in late October because of his costumes.

Sundquist enjoys Halloween, and particularly enjoys dressing up for it. Rather than allow himself to be limited by his disability, he’s learned to play into it. He’s developed a number of interesting outfits.

His efforts culminated two years ago with one which earned him international attention. Sundquist went around dressed as Tigger.

Today he posted a reminder about last year’s effort, where he worked with a professional costumer to render himself as Genie from the original Disney adaptation of Aladdin. There’s no word as yet about his costume for this year, but he’s confirmed there will be a new one… and it’ll likely be unusual and fun.

Question of the night: What’s a memorable costume you’ve seen?

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