Trump Tweets: Day 7 of the Impeachment Inquiry Edition

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Tuesday.

We’ve made it to October 1st.

Halloween is 30 days away.

Thanksgiving is 58 days away.

There are only 89 more shopping days left before Christmas.

We’ve entered day 7 of the impeachment inquiry.

So far for Tuesday morning the President has tweeted 10 times and retweeted 13 times giving him a total of 22 tweets.

The bash the media, the Democrats, and throw in some witness intimidation while we’re at it tweets.

The Corrupt Media refuses to cover this!

The former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Binden did not pressure a foreign power while President to investigation political rivals.

NBC News Chuck Todd had former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul as a guest and together they lay out the Ukraine timeline.


Liddle’ is not a word. It is however as noted to me by Lenny Ghoul a rare, inherited condition that is called Liddle Syndrome.

According to Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD), Liddles primary symptom is high blood pressure in young people.


The PERFECT–“perfect” call via a mock-up can be read by the public.

why aren’t we entitled to interview & learn everything about…..the Whistleblower, and also the person who gave all of the false information to him.

In short they aren’t entitled because the law protects the whistleblower.

The Whistleblower complaint.

In light of President Trump and some Republicans pushing the lie that the form was changed to “get Trump,” and that the Whistleblower had no first hand knowledge of the phone call between President Trump and the Ukraine President, the ICIG’s Office released a 4 page statement on Monday.

Summary from the Statement.

In summary, regarding the instant matter, the whistleblower submitted the appropriate Disclosure of Urgent Concern form that was in effect as of August 12, 2019, and had been used by the ICIG since May 24, 2018. The whistleblower stated on the form that he or she possessed both first hand and other information. The ICIG reviewed the information provided as well as other information gathered and determined that the complaint was both urgent and that it appeared credible. From the moment the ICIG received the whistleblower’s filing, the ICIG has worked to effectuate Congress’s intent, and the whistleblower’s intent, within the rule of law. The ICIG will continue in those efforts on behalf of all whistleblowers in the Intelligence Community.

ICIG Statement 9/30/19.

Bye Bye GOP shared with me in the comment section an interesting thread that while long, lays out the wrongness in suggesting the form was changed.

In Sanchez’s thread it’s noted that the Whistleblower is moot now, considering the President’s public statements and public release of the mock-up phone call, but it’s also noted given Republicans including the President himself are pushing a debunked Federalist article it’s worth pointing out the lies.

Why isn’t Congressman Adam Schiff being brought up on charges…

As the News Blender reported here, and here, Chairman Adam Schiff, was clear that he was not in fact quoting President Trump, it was a bit mocking, but it was not illegal.

The random tweets.

But but but I was told the economy was historic!!!!

The image was first shared by his daughter-in-law and campaign member Lara Trump.

As a reminder on Sunday the President showed support of a civil war, if in fact he is impeached from office.

The he congratulates a dictator tweet.

Or is he a dictator?

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