Trump Tweets: Open Thread Thursday

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It’s Thursday.

Well my fellow “Human Scum” we have entered day 30 of the Impeachment Inquiry.

The President so far has tweeted 4 times, that number will be sure to grow as Thursday rolls on.

Day 29 of the Impeachment Inquiry brought to light just how desperate the Republicans are to put on a show for their audience of 1.

I call it show because as it happens…

Throwback Thursday.

Also it should be noted that Democrats are in fact using rules that were approved under a Republican House Majority.

The Washington Post and CNN are reporting that Democrats are hopeful live impeachment inquiry hearings will start mid-November.

This morning the President offered his fans aka Congressional Reps., praise in his second tweet of the day.

As a reminder they are not defending President Trump’s action regarding the accusations, they are mocking the process in which the accusations are being investigated.

Helpful Links.

Note the above is only a small glimpse of what has happened so far both leading to the Impeachment Inquiry and during the Inquiry.
@ the New York Times has an article that contains a timeline of events that focus on the Impeachment Inquiry.

We were also told on Wednesday during an audio only hearing regarding Trump vs. SDNY that the President, I assume any President, could in fact shot someone on 5th Ave., and the cops wouldn’t be allowed to investigate the crime until after the President was removed from office.

And to round out the crazy…

Yeah, he was “kidding.”

His first tweet for Thursday focused on bashing the Federal Reserve, again.

The Federal Reserve is expected to meet next week, according to their calendar the meeting will take place, October 29th and 30th.

This is what I would call a “pressure the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell tweet.”

His third and fourth tweets of the day so far, focused on oil fields and ISIS and Turkey.

President Trump held a small press event on Wednesday regarding the Turkey invasion of Syria, displacing the Kurds.

On Tuesday he also spoke of the oil in Syria.

For What It’s Worth regarding the ISIS captives.

This post will be updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.

Not to bring the thread down, but Congressman Elijah Cummings is lying in State on the Hill as lawmakers pay their final respects ahead of his funeral in Baltimore on Friday.

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