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Blueberry Pie. Photo by jeffreyw.

It’s Thanksgiving week, so it seems appropriate to bring up a bit of food lore for the Night Owl. Obviously the turkeys are key to the event (even those who prefer ham tend to acknowledge the importance of the turkey to the day, overall) but if there’s one other food that can rival the turkey for attention, it’s dessert. Usually, it’s pie.

So, if you’ve already had enough of the pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, and apple and cherry pies, I offer to you an easy alternative: funeral pie!

This Amish delicacy…

…yes, I just wrote “Amish delicacy”, shortly after admitting the dessert is called funeral pie. This is still one of my Owl visits, after all.

The Amish meal is a traditional favorite, cooked up after someone’s death. It has the benefits of being made with ingredients that are typically available year-round and not requiring a lot of extra effort which might otherwise go toward making arrangements toward burying the dead.

It’s fundamentally a raisin pie. Allrecipes has a good recipe for its preparation, and it’s the sort of thing which can be made, even by people who don’t do much baking, over the course of a couple of hours.

Just consider not telling any visiting relatives what the dessert’s name is, at least not if you want them to get together with you again at any time during the following year.

Question of the night: What desserts do you expect to serve (or eat) on Thanksgiving?

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