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Grue, a bright but goofy black lab (mostly). Photo by AlienMotives

Dogs are great. Movies are great. Wouldn’t it be fun to combine the two?

Some people in Plano, Texas thought so, and they opened K9 Cinemas.

Texas is home to many unusual movie theaters. It was where Alamo Drafthouse, with their special pre-show video mashups and regular magazine, originated. It was where Studio Movie Grill started, combining comfortable seating with full meals for a combination movie/dining experience. Now it has K-9 Cinemas, where people are encouraged to bring their dogs – no more than two per ticketed person – with them to watch a movie.

The theater has a nice outdoor area with plastic bags and trash cans available, enabling pup owners to ensure their canine companions are able to sit through a movie showing. They require all visitors to be up to date on all of their shots.

The price per ticket is high in theory, at $30 per person… and they have rolled back their original week-long shows to two showings per week, at 8 pm on Friday and Saturday nights. The tickets have an unusual second perk beyond being dog-friendly, though; they entitle the purchaser to free wine or whiskey for the duration of the film (or free soft drinks, if the attendee is under 21). There are also sales which regularly run, dropping the price down to their original $15, as well as discounts for military and seniors. They have plenty of dog treats available in addition to the normal concession foods.

Only 25 seats are made available to humans for each showing, ensuring there’s enough room for all the dogs. For the month of November they’re screening classic Christmas films both great and awful… the 1935 version of Scrooge and Santa Claus Vs. The Devil, for example. The event itself, more than the film screened, is the holiday gift for the pooches.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite animal-themed movie?

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