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Red fox, photo by Airwolfhound

Miss Pokeno is a sculptress who works out of London. She’s not one to create traditional statuary or pottery; instead she works with existing objects and partly destroys them, then modifies the remnants. An example is her Trophy Chair, which combines an armchair with two taxidermied foxes and a short essay about her grandmother.

Miss Pokeno is a feminist activist with a strong voice in the London art community, and her views are, for the most part, in line with other feminist activists. This in no way diminishes her work, but it risks freezing out those who aren’t already members of the same political branch of the world of modern art. There are people who would look at her tagline of being part of “The Sisters of Perpetual Resistance” and immediately move past.

That hasn’t kept the artist from making more than a few high-profile friends, as highlighted by the recent Twitter sharing by Debbie Harry of Blondie. There, however, she’s usually not referred to as Miss Pokeno; instead she’s called by her birth name of Alannah Currie.

The reason for this is simple: before she became Miss Pokeno, sculptress and feminist art activist, she had achieved fame using a different profile… specifically, as the female member the 1980’s Thompson Twins.

Question of the night: What artworks or craft projects do you enjoy creating?

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