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Favre-Leuba alarm clock. Image by R2212xx.

The advent of cheap, high-quality cameras has allowed time lapse photography to move from rare oddity to a moderately common device. It provides a distinctive look when used in panoramic shots, with people and objects seeming to move at incredible speeds or jump in and out of a picture frame.

The trouble with time lapse efforts is simple: commitment. It requires a photo to be taken of a particular thing repeatedly over time. While that is easily performed by an automatic timer for images of places, it’s not as easy to get repeated efforts by a person.

There’s always somebody, though.

Matt Perrin loaded up on plain black t-shirts to lip-synch to a Queen song… every day for three years.

More impressive for the time dedication… but not quite as interactive on the daily events… are the daily photos taken by Noah Kalina. In his case, it’s just a simple photo, once a day, no lip-synching involved, and it’s even part of his job… he’s a professional photographer… but that image was taken for more than a decade.

This month, my daughter turns 8. I’ve been told repeatedly that “they grow up so fast”, and time absolutely leaves its indelible mark. Personally, I can’t help but be delighted. Every day is another day of memories with her, and I look forward to many more… maybe even including a project like these.

Question of the night: do you have a favorite photograph of yourself or a loved one?

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