Trump Tweets: The After Thanksgiving Edition

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It’s Friday.

Day 66 of the Impeachment Inquiry has arrived.

There are 25 shopping days until Christmas.

On Thursday we gathered around with family and friends both new and old to give Thanks to the many blessings in our lives, on Friday…

Maybe instead of fighting over “deals,” we could…

So far for this Black Friday, known as the day retail stores go from the red, negative, into the black, positive profits, the President has tweeted one time.

During his Thanksgiving celebration with our U.S. Troops overseas, the President announced that talks have again resumed with the Taliban.

In September the President announced via Twitter that a planned meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David had been cancelled.

His full remarks from his address to the Afghan troops.

Highlights from the above video.

On resumed talks with the Taliban.

Trump: And the Taliban wants to make a deal.  We’ll see if they make a deal.  If they do, they do.  And if they don’t, they don’t.  That’s fine.  But we’ve had tremendous success.

Trump con’t: Right.  Well, as you know, for a period of time, we’ve been wanting to make a deal and so have the Taliban.  Then we pulled back.  We were getting close and we pulled back.  We didn’t want to do it because of what they did.  It was not a good — it was not a good thing they did with the killing a soldier.  They knew he was a soldier, but he was a solider — an American soldier from Puerto Rico.  And they killed him.  They killed a United Nations soldier.  And they also killed — they killed a total of 12 people.  They thought that was good negotiating power.  I said, “No, that’s bad negotiating power.”  That was not good what they did.

And since then, we’ve hit them so hard, they’ve never been hit this hard.  In the history of the war, they have not — never been hit hard. And they want to make a deal.  So we’ll see what happens.  If they make it, fine.  If they don’t make it, that’s fine. We’re going to be able to do everything we’re doing, and actually more.  And at the same time, we’re bringing down the number of troops substantially.  But we’re able to because of the weaponry and all of the things that we have in place.  We can do, actually, more damage with even fewer troops.

So we’re going to — we’re bringing it down very substantially.  And we’ll be down at a number that’s very — it’s a good number.  And we’re going to stay until such time as we have a deal or we have total victory.  And they want to make a deal very badly.

So we’re dealing with — this is really for the media, I guess, more than anybody, because the President knows what I’m saying.  The Taliban wants to make a deal.  And we’re meeting with them, and we’re saying it has to be a ceasefire.  They didn’t want to do a ceasefire, but now they do want to do a ceasefire, I believe.  And it will probably work out that way.  And we’ll see what happens.  But we’ve made tremendous progress.

But the thing I’m most proud of — because you could look at Taliban and say they’re fighting for their land; you could look at, you know, others and say they’re fighting for other things.  But we know what ISIS is fighting for and we know what al Qaeda is fighting for.  And we have them down to a very small number of people.  So — and that won’t be — that will not be a long-lasting fight.  That will be over with very soon.

So we made a lot of progress, and, at the same time, we’re drawing down our troops.

On Syria.

Trump: And, by the way, the same thing in Syria.  I have to tell you, there was false reporting in the New York Times and some of the others, yesterday. We — as you know, we did withdraw from Syria, except we kept the oil.  And we’re doing a little scattered fighting because we had some areas where ISIS was a little prevalent and gaining some traction.  And we sent some troops in and pretty much wiped it out.  But we have left — for the most part, we’ve left, but we’ve kept the oil.  And by keeping the oil, we don’t have the enemy getting the oil.  And the oil is what fueled the enemy.  In this case, it was ISIS.

And so in addition to — in addition to what we did two weeks ago, which was pretty remarkable, the — what that group of young people was able to do very rapidly and very surgically, we are only in an area where we’re keeping the oil and knocking out certain small groups of ISIS as it reforms.  We don’t want to — as it — as it reforms, it gets back, it tries to get back.

For a transcript of his full remarks @ The White House.

For a transcript of remarks given following the bilateral meeting with President Ghani @ The White House.

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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

As a reminder the first House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Hearing is scheduled to take place on December 4th.

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