Veteran’s Day

End of World War I Allentown Democrat Newspaper. Phot by The Allentown Democrat.

One of the benefits to being online, and simultaneously one of the great drawbacks, is immediate access to archives.

I’ve been sitting at the computer for some time this morning, trying to think of a way to address Veteran’s Day which approaches the dignity of the Richard Doud piece last year, Veteran’s Day and the 100th Armistice Day.

I can’t. I ask you all to go back and re-read that piece.

I will also take this moment to thank everyone who has served in the military during time of war, as is appropriate on this date.

And, while I’m thanking people, I wish to extend that to everyone who has contributed here. Richard’s piece directly reminds us about the value of our soldiers and the lives impacted by war, but it also reminds me about how many people have helped bring this site alive, so we can do things like celebrate our veterans. I’ve done the roll call of the people who’ve contributed in the past, and I’m not going to do it now, but I want to make clear that they are all deeply appreciated, whether they be regular or irregular contributors. I looked back and saw that the lineup of that era has dramatically changed… Steve had taken a breather and Halo was posting in the mornings, Lenny hadn’t yet launched his own Snipbytes site… but the spirit was already well-established, and it remains to this day.

We celebrated the military and their contribution then, and we do now. Even if I can’t quite find words as eloquent as Richard’s.

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