Propaganda Watch: Russian Social Media Ads–12/07/19

Russian President Vladimir Putin superimposed into a Russian Flag. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

This is part of an ongoing series where I review some of the ads purchased by the Russians. In doing so I hope we can get a better understanding of what they were trying to do, and how to recognize it the next time we’re faced with propaganda.

If you want to follow along, the ads can all be downloaded here. All of today’s ads can be found in the 2016-q2/2016-05 folder.

Every time I don’t think the Russians could get more intense about the anti-immigrant sentiment, they do. P(1)0000414 says we should stop feeding immigrants (which reminds me of Hungary last year):

P(1)0003153 states unsubstantiated statistics about crime committed by illegal immigrants:

The Cato Institute negates these claims.

So far p(1)0003181 is the worst because it tries to deny their very humanity. I say so far because I still haven’t finished going through May 2016’s ads, and I can easily see them getting worse:

Like the first ad in this columns, this one also ran targeting the Netherlands, but with the same text in p(1)0003179:

I’m not sure why this, the other ad, and possibly more to come, were placed in the Netherlands but with an American subject. One idea is that it was a glitch. Another was testing the grounds in the Netherlands for anti-immigrant sentiment. A third is that they were trying to make the situation in the US look bad over there. I don’t know if we’ll find out for sure.

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