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Wedding ceremony, photo by Bam Bam Gucci

Many people enjoy attending weddings, even if they don’t have many opportunities to do so. Marriage is supported more in certain communities, though, and an active member in that community may find themselves a regular guest at the events.

One example would be the Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah. If a person was active in the church and an extrovert in general, they might find themselves invited to dozens of weddings. Jamie Jackson is a great example of this, having been a guest at more than a hundred of the events.

What makes her distinctive isn’t simply her presence as an attendee. Instead, it’s her performance at one of the wedding rituals. Out of the first eighty-something weddings, she caught the bridal bouquet at fifty of them.

“Most bridal bouquets caught” has been a Guinness record for a while, but due to Jamie that record has jumped from 12 to 50. She’s snatched the flowers from the air before they reached a grasping child and kept her prize from the wrenching fingers of a woman desperate to reap the “next to marry” benefit that catching a bouquet is rumored to bequeath.

Her history suggests that benefit has little grounding in reality. Jamie started catching bouquets in 1996. Twenty-three years later, she’s still single.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite flower?

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