TNB Night Owl – Merry Lego Christmas!

Lego minifigures, Photo by Jinko Cruz

Lego building sets have been a staple present found underneath the Christmas tree for generations. In 2011, Duncan Titmarsh and Ed Diment reversed things, and created a new celebratory sculpture for the St. Pancras International railway station… a ten meter tall Christmas tree made from Legos.

More than 600,000 bricks were used in the construction of the display, and it drew well-deserved attention from the people passing through the station.

It might have ended there.

Some of them were Lego aficionados, and word spread among the community fairly quickly. The Florida Legoland theme park was set to debut its own Christmas tree, and the airport tree was considerably taller than the “official” one.

It was also taller than the Duplo tree at Legoland California, which at just over thirty feet has been billed as “the world’s tallest Lego Christmas tree” for two decades. Much as was the Florida tree, the California tree is lit every year by a celebrity; this year it was actor Chad Michael Murray.

The airport build was a little over 33 feet tall, with another six feet for the base. It was about a full yard taller than the “world’s biggest Lego tree”.

There was a competitor, though. In Sydney, Australia in 2014, another 10 meter tree was constructed.

So there you have it… three different continents, four different giant Lego trees. As all of these took at least a week to build, though, they’re out as an option for this Christmas… but it gives you something to shoot for next year.

Question of the night: What toys did you most enjoy finding under the tree?

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