Watch Live: Last Democratic Candidate Primary Debate of 2019

Voting Booth. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

A day after President Donald Trump became the 3rd American President in history to be Impeached in the U.S. House of Representatives the Democratic Primary Candidates hold their last debate for 2019.

The field of 7 the smallest debate field thus far, includes:

Senator Elizabeth Warren.
Senator Bernie Sanders.
Senator Amy Klobuchar.
South Bend, Indiana Mayor, Pete Buttigieg.
Former Vice President Joe Biden.
Businessman Andrew Yang.
Businessman Tom Steyer.

The moderators for tonight’s debate are:
PBS NewsHour’s Judy Woodruff, Amna Nawaz, Yamiche Alcindor.
Politico’s Tim Alberta.

CNN explains that you can watch tonight’s debate on: PBS stations, the debate will air exclusively on CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español, and stream on,’s home page, and’s homepage.

According to PBS NewsHour’s YouTube there is a live feed.

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