Humor – Valentine’s Day

Strawberries dipped in chocolate. Photo by Popo le Chien.

It’s been a little while since we had a meme day, and as Valentine’s Day was yesterday, I thought some VD might be in order. (Wait….)

So, for your consideration (and hopefully for you to add to in the comment section), here are some memes for Valentine’s Day:

First, because I can never seem to fully avoid politics…

I know, I know, the only person he’d kiss like that is his reflection. But I think that’s a good thing for everyone, don’t you?

Next, for the animal lovers, a little sweetness and a little reality:

Some people don’t recognize cats as the cute, often lazy, fuzzballs that I see. For them, things can go a little dark on Valentine’s Day:

But not quite as dark as history gets…

And of course, some people just don’t like to be alone on the Hallmark day of romance…

…while others are happiest just being by themselves.

And, as I’m in north Texas, I thought I’d wrap this up with a little nod to some people who get attention not just during the holiday but all year round…

I know all of these were directly Valentine’s Day oriented, but any simply about romance, love and the like are encouraged in the comment section!

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