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Donald Trump and Adam Schiff split image by Lenny Ghoul.

The latest escalation in the conflict between the President and Nancy Pelosi has been confirmed. Following the personal affront of Trump not allowing Democrats to be named during the signing of the USMCA (known throughout the world as NAFTA) and the virtually lockstep rejection of law and American principles by Republican party officials, the Speaker of the House has taken the unprecedented step of changing the State of the Union address.

She has decided not to rescind the invitation to speak before the House; that risks political blowback at a time that Republican behavior has alienated much of the independent vote in the country. By the same token, she wanted to make a conclusive, obvious statement against the President’s actions. To achieve this end, she turned to the chair of the House Intelligence Committee who, with his eloquent performance as an impeachment manager, has become the most prominent thorn in the side of a criminal Presidency.

Specifically, she has given him his own theme song… and she has then replaced the traditional Hail to the Chief played at the proceedings with Schiff’s theme.

Unfortunately, because it was not an absolute certainty that the Republicans would engage in a cover-up to the level of disallowing any witnesses or evidence to be introduced during the trial, she didn’t have much time to get anyone to compose a new song. Instead, she’s reached out to the family of Isaac Hayes to revamp a classic, in the way that Elton John created a version of Candle in the Wind for Princess Di.

We are proud to present to you, prior to its official world release during the State of the Union… the Theme to Schiff.


Who’s the House Intel Chair who exposes crooks without real hair? (Schiff!)

Ya damn right.

Who is the man who will risk rage tweets to expose the scams? (Schiff!)

Client 1 can dig it.

Who’s the cat who will strike back when Sekulow is spewing crap? (Schiff!)

Right on.

They say this Rep. Schiff hates these Espstein child fu- (shut your mouth!)

But I’m talking about Schiff. (Then he’ll expose ’em.)

It’s not complicated, man. Everyone understands it but the cultists… (Adam Schiff)

For those who wish to sing along, the original version, and the instrumental:

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