Trump Tweets: Friday’s Open Thread

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President Impeached has tweeted 6 times and retweeted once so far for Valentine’s Day Friday.

On Thursday following the attacks of a private American Citizen, who had the nerve to find Roger Stone guilty as charged and bashing his former Chief of Staff John Kelly, he tweeted one more time, followed by a retweet from the Daily Caller.

“New York must stop all of its unnecessary lawsuits & harrassment [harassment]…”


Attorney General William Barr on Thursday was interviewed by ABC News. The interview was the first since President Impeached blasted the Department of Justice for recommending that friend and ally Roger Stone get seven to nine years in prison for criming and being found guilty of that criming.

In what most are calling a staged answer, Barr, lamented Impeached man’s tweets, saying he thinks it’s time President Impeached stopped tweeting about criminal cases.

There is always a tweet.

On Thursday President Impeached spoke with media friendly and sometimes Cult member Geraldo for his podcast, Roadkill.

Highlights via CNN Factchecker Daniel Dale.

Senator Mitt Romney’s full remarks regarding his yes vote on Article I of the Articles of Impeached.

Yeah, he sure sounded “jealous,” and “angry,” as he spoke about his faith and oath to the Constitution.

Other note worthy quotes from President Impeached to Geraldo.

But but but he doesn’t think he’s King, and totally respects how our government is suppose to operate. #Winning.

The mystery of what Special Counsel Robert Mueller lied to Congress about during his testimony last year has been solved…wait for it…

Mueller Report PDF pg. 292.
Mueller Report PDF pg. 293.

On Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the Ukraine.

In order to secure the Democratic nomination for President, the candidate must secure 1,990 delegates. At the moment following the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary, Pete Buttigieg has 22 earned delegates. Bernie Sanders has 21. (The New York Times.) But, yeah, it’s totally obvious that the DNC is tying to deny Sanders the nomination. 🙄





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