Trump Tweets His Return from India For Wednesday’s Open Thread

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President Impeached finished Tuesday by tweeting 7 times.

In a rare, these days Trump Tweets updated from Tuesday, President Impeached attacked once again the jury foreperson from the Roger Stone trial.

The above tweet came as Judge Amy Berman Jackson was conducting a hearing regarding Stone’s motion for a new trial.

Stone says that based on the forewoman’s dislike of President Impeached and her failure to disclose her disliking social media posts, he deserves a new trial. Shortly after President Impeached issued the above tweet, he issued another one blasting the Stone guilty verdict and his forty months sentencing as a result of that conviction.

During the hearing the foreperson was asked questions regarding her dislike of President Impeached and her social media habits during her time as a Stone juror.

At the end of the day…

Seth Cousins a fellow juror on the Stone jury posted on Tuesday afternoon an op-ed in the Washington Post, defending the forewoman, the Judge, and the trial process writing, “The jury foreperson, who has been the subject recently of numerous ad hominem attacks, was actually one of the strongest advocates for the rights of the defendant and for a rigorous process. She expressed skepticism at some of the government’s claims and was one of the last people to vote to convict on the charge that took most of our deliberation time.”

Snips from Cousins op-ed:

Our foreperson wrote in support of the prosecutors on her personal Facebook page, revealing that she had been on the jury and was its foreperson. Since then, she has been attacked, including by the president, as though she was personally responsible that Stone had been found guilty and that the verdict was thus unfair.

Amid the onslaught of criticism of a U.S. citizen who fulfilled her civic duty as a juror and exercised her First Amendment right to free expression, Stone has used the manufactured controversy to demand a mistrial on the basis of jury misconduct and even to demand that the judge recuse herself for bias in favor of the jury.

Elected officials have no business attacking citizens for performing their civic duty.

When the president attacks our jury’s foreperson, he is effectively attacking every American who takes time off work, arranges child care and otherwise disrupts their life temporarily to participate in this civic duty. His attacks denigrate both our service and the concept of equal justice under U.S. law.

Roger Stone received a fair trial. He was found guilty based on the evidence by a jury that respected his rights and viewed the government’s claims skeptically. Our jury valued truth, plain and simple. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson echoed this sentiment last week while sentencing Stone: “The truth still exists; the truth still matters

The Washington Post. 02/25/2020.

He moves on from Stone to this…

After praising himself via Hey Jude…

As covered in the Trump Tweets from Tuesday, the overstated part according to CNN was that Russia favored President Impeached. Make no mistake Russia is interfering in 2020.

President Impeached moves on to News Media ratings, calling himself our “favorite President.”

As the News Blender featured on Tuesday night, seven Democratic Presidential nominees faced off for the final debate before South Carolina votes on Saturday, and Super Tuesday which is March 3rd.

President Impeached was watching issuing two tweets shortly after a question was asked about the Trump Administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

On Tuesday the position of the Impeached President’s Administration was that the U.S. has contained the virus, at the same time as that position was taken the CDC was warning American’s to prepare for the spreading of the coronavirus through the U.S..

His last tweet for Tuesday…

Let it sink in the most insecure person on the planet is the President of the United States of America…

On-ward to Wednesday’s 11 tweets and 3 retweet so far.

Two hours after the above tweet was sent President Impeached took to twitter to announce he would be holding an evening presser regarding the coronavirus. He also blasted the media for attempting to make the coronavirus look as bad as possible. In the same tweet he called the Democrats the “comrades,” of the media.

Caronavirus =’s coronavirus.

As the News Blender updated on Tuesday the coronavirus has spread to 37 countries, there are 79,331 known cases, and 2,618 people have dead as a result of the virus. The virus outbreak is two months old.

But yeah, the media and their “comrades,” the Democrats are totally trying to make the virus appear bad.

From the comment section of the linked News Blender article:

Comment Section.
Comment Section.

President Impeached moves on from the deadly virus to focus on the Democratic Debate held last night in South Carolina.

“chocker,” is in quotes to explain he is spelling it wrong on purpose, unlike the time he called Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) a chocker, three times.

Screen Cap via
Screen Cap via

As to the chaotic debate…I suppose we can be grateful nobody defended the size of their manhood last night…

Moving on…

The Courier Journal reported on Tuesday that Kentucky’s Secretary of State Michael Adams, announced the unofficial results for House Districts Special Election.

From the article:

Secretary of State Michael Adams announced the unofficial results for House Districts 67 and 99 about an hour after the polls closed Tuesday night. 

With all precincts in District 67 reporting, Democrat Rachel Roberts defeated Republican Mary Jo Wedding by more than 1,000 votes. Roberts got 2,955 votes and Wedding got 1,649. 

And in District 99, preliminary results showed Republican Richard White defeating Democrat Bill Redwine by around 1,000 votes.Redwine got 3,731 total votes, and White got 4,750. 

Courier Journal. 02/25/2020.

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Mac Brown issued a statement.

After Democrat Rocky Adkins held this district since the 1980s, Kentucky Republicans can be justly proud of all Richard White and our grassroots team did to flip this seat to GOP control. Tonight’s groundbreaking results should put Democrats on notice all across the state. Kentucky voters want leaders who support President Trump. Our strong slate of candidates all across the state are well positioned to even further expand our GOP legislative supermajorities in November.

Courier Journal. 02/25/2020.

House Democratic Caucus leadership also issued a statement.

Congratulations to Rachel Roberts on her hard-fought victory and we look forward to her joining our caucus. We also want to thank Bill Redwine for running a strong campaign during a special election that was especially tough during these winter months. With these elections now behind us, our caucus is once again focused on fighting for a vision that benefits all of us and not just some of us, both in the remaining days of the legislative session and in the months ahead.

Courier Journal. 02/25/2020.

District 67 and 99 were unrepresented in the 2020 legislative sessions as the two members that held those seats went to work for Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear.

President Impeached moves away from the “historic,” Republican state win to focus on polling.

NBC News reported on Friday that according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that the Impeached President’s approval among black registered voters is 14 percent.

They interviewed 252 African American’s plus 125 respondents by cell phone only. The margin error of the poll is high at plus or minus 6 points.

Given that I’m already behind, I’m gonna leave it there, in order to research the polling issue further, Google and me time!

We move on from polling right into promoting an upcoming President Impeached rally.

President Impeached then moves on to thanking his fans, in three tweets…

There are 4 tweets either sent on Tuesday or Wednesday. I assume given that President Impeached was flying back from India the time stamp was confused.

Her emails…still with a dash of calling his Department of Justice a disgrace.

In October of 2019, the New York Times reported that after a yearslong [funny how the Republicans never whine about how long her emails investigation took] State Department Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, “found that while the use of the system for official business increased the risk of compromising classified information, there was no systemic or deliberate mishandling of classified information.”

Leading away from her emails, President Impeached mocks Russian 2020 Election Interference.

Last Friday the Washington Post reported that Bernie Sanders was warned that Russia was attempting to help his Presidential nomination campaign.

We move from Russia to thanking a fan for their President Impeached support and “love.”

“grace under fire.” LOL.

President Impeached catching up on Fox News…

This post might be updated.

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