Trump Tweets: This is Friday’s Open Thread

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President Impeached so far as had a slow start to his Friday, there is *zero chance this Twitter slowness lasts.

But while he’s silent let’s review how he finished his Thursday.

Before the Colorado Springs, Colorado rally.

It should be noted that the Impeached President’s nicknaming is god awful.

As the News Blender reported last Friday, the Department of Justice sent a one-page letter to the former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s legal team informing them that McCabe would not face charges for lying under oath regarding two authorized media disclosures.

The two media disclosures involved leaking to the press that Hillary Clinton was under two FBI investigations in October of 2016.

McCabe had first denied giving authorization to disclose those investigations to the press.



*End Flashback*


Attacks a private citizen for doing her civic duty.

Bashes the FBI and whines about Roger Stone sentencing and Mike Flynn’s plea deal for lying…

Say’s three weeks, but really means last October.

During the rally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, President Impeached whined about this segment for an estimated 20 minutes.

The Rally Tweets.

He pauses in his praising himself for a fine Colorado Springs, Colorado rally, to express his thanks to U.S. Ambassador to Germany for stepping into the role of the Director of National Intelligence.

Minutes later he’s back on a rally kick.

Some rally highlights.

Jokes about remaining in office for 26 years.

Expresses his upset that a South Korean film, Parasite won the Academy Award for Best Picture. He also calls Brad Pitt, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, “a little wiseguy.”

Later in the rally President Impeached called Adam Schiff (D-CA) pencil neck, and a little wise guy.

NEON the distributor of the movie Parasite wasted no time responding to President Impeached.

To end Thursday President Impeached took one more swipe at the private American citizen who had the nerve to find Roger Stone guilty of lying to congress, Obstruction of Congressional Investigation, and witness tampering. The foreperson was one of 12 that all agreed Stone was guilty on all seven counts presented to them by the U.S. Government.

To be fair, the Impeached President is on West Coast and Mountain Time, while the time stamp does show after 1 a.m., the tweet was sent three hours earlier at around 10 p.m. pst.

*I told you so*

The slow Twitter start has ended. So far for Friday, ahead of his afternoon rally from Las Vegas, Nevada, President Impeached has tweeted 5 times and retweeted 17 times.

But but but I thought bailouts and socialism were bad…

Tariffs =’s tax on the American consumer.

In short, China is not paying the farmer bailout, we the American tax payer are paying for what is likely another round of farmer payouts.

In the biz of politics we can call this vote buying.

On Thursday it was first reported by the New York Times, that during a classified briefing House lawmakers were told that Russia was interfering in the Presidential election of 2020 and they once again favor President Impeached.

It was the day after this classified briefing that President Impeached berated Acting DNI Joseph Maguire, according to five people familiar with the matter. One person said that President Impeached did not “erupt,” at Maguire, instead he simply asked pointed questions.

It is said that President Impeached was concerned that Democrats could use this information against his re-election campaign.

A note worthy paragraph in my opinion of the New York Times piece is this;

Some intelligence officials viewed the briefing as a tactical error, saying the conclusions could have been delivered in a less pointed manner or left out entirely to avoid angering Republicans.

The New York Times. 02/20/2020.

Let it sink in that apparently now briefing, at least Democrats on the Intelligence Committee is viewed as a tactical error. And that maybe in order to avoid upsetting the Republican’s it might have been better to simply not mention it at all. Or if it had to be mentioned maybe someone beside Shelby Pierson, an aide with a reputation for speaking bluntly, should have done it.

For what it’s worth, the New York Times, notes that the Washington Post was the first to report the dust-up between Acting DNI Maguire, and President Impeached, but not the substance of the disagreement.

Unless that foreign rom-com gets an Oscar…

From the linked above New York Times article, it’s mentioned that Rep. Chris Stewart a Republican from Utah, has been considered for the DNI post.

Worth noting is on Thursday according to reporters present on Air Force, President Impeached told them that Rep. Doug Collins a Republican from GA, who tossed his hat into the Senate race, was being considered.

Collins on Friday told Fox News, he wasn’t interested in the job.

Might be updated.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

This is an Open Thread.

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