St. Patrick’s Day Primary Thread – FINAL UPDATE

Vote Here Sign. Photo by Jay Phagan.

It’s Tuesday, it’s an election year, it’s not yet August, and that means there’s a Primary going on somewhere.

In this case, they’re happening in Florida, in Illinois, in Arizona, and in Ohi- wait, not Ohio. No, wait, Ohio is on again, after the Supreme Court there- No, no, now it’s postponed. So, Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

The numbers are expected to be dramatically lower than projected just four weeks ago, as coronavirus concerns are encouraging people, especially the elderly, to stay at home. Meanwhile, the elderly are typically the people most likely to go to the election polls.

This combination is likely what has driven Bernie Sanders, who was widely rumored to be looking at dropping from the race after last Tuesday’s smackdown, to assert his intention of staying in the fight against Biden. He was expected to get trounced in Florida, particularly; if he can rally to a strong showing there because of diminished voting, he may yet have a chance at gaining the nomination.

UPDATE 1: Biden crushes Sanders in Florida.

UPDATE 2: Biden crushes Sanders in Illinois.

UPDATE 3: Some of the House elections in Illinois have been called.

FINAL UPDATE: More llinois results, and Bernie got crushed once more, this time in Arizona. Some of the Illinois House races are still not called as of this writing.

So, the results:

FLORIDA: (98.4% reporting)

Joe Biden: 61.7%; Bernie Sanders: 22.9%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.5%

Donald Trump: 93.8%; Bill Weld: 3.2%

ILLINOIS: (85.7% reporting)

Joe Biden: 59.1%; Bernie Sanders: 36.2%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.6%

Donald Trump: 96.1%

SENATE (R): Mark Curran 41.4%; Robert Marshall 15.4%; Peggy Hubbard 22.6%

HOUSE 1 (D): Bobby Rush 67.8%; Ameena Matthews 8.6%; Robert Emmons 10.7%; Sarah Gad 12.9%

HOUSE 2 (D): Robin Kelly 84.8%; Marcus Lewis 15.2%

HOUSE 3 (D): Rush Darwish 6.4%; Dan Lipinski 43.6%; Marie Newman 47.7%; Charles Hughes 2.3%

HOUSE 3 (R): Mike Fricilone 58.8%; Arthur Jones 10.1%; Catherine O’Shea 31.1%

HOUSE 5 (D): Mike Quigley 74.4%; Brian Burns 25.6%

HOUSE 5 (R): Tommy Hansen 83.6%; Kimball Ladien 16.4%

HOUSE 6 (R): Jeanne Ives 70.8%; Jay Kinzler 29.2%

HOUSE 7 (D): Danny Davis 58.8%; Kina Collins 15.1%; Anthony Clark 13.7%; Kristine Schanbacher 12.4%

HOUSE 8 (D): Raja Krishnamoorthi 79.8%; William Olson 13.2%; Inam Hussain 7.0%

HOUSE 11 (D): Rachel Ventura 41.4%; Bill Foster 58.6%

HOUSE 11 (R): Rick Laib 54.3%; Krishna Bansal 45.7%

HOUSE 12 (D): Raymond Lenzi 59.9%; Joel Funk 40.1%

HOUSE 13 (D): Betsy Dirksen Londrigan 77.3%; Stefanie Smith 22.7%

HOUSE 14 (R): Jim Oberweis 25.0%; Sue Rezin 23.1%; Catalina Lauf 20.3%; Ted Gradel 13.1%

HOUSE 15 (D): Craig Morton 18.8%; Kevin Gaither 22.7%; Erika Weaver 52.0%; John Hursey 6.5%

HOUSE 15 (R): Mary Miller 58.0%; Darren Duncan 21.6%; Kerry Wolff 12.6%; Chuck Ellington 7.9%

HOUSE 17 (R): Esther Joy King 65.2%; William Fawell 34.8%

ARIZONA: (6.3% reporting)

Joe Biden: 42.4%; Bernie Sanders: 29.6%; Tulsi Gabbard 0.5%

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