Stepping Up To The Stage

The Penwith Radio studios. Photo by M4th5.

I hope you like rock.

Coronavirus concerns have cancelled concerts throughout the world, and the musicians aren’t happy about it. This is a very rough time for people working as independent contractors, the ranks of which include nearly every non-studio musician.

This is to be expected. Thankfully, many musicians have second (“day”) jobs, which will allow them to make ends meet; meanwhile, the ones who can tour have typically saved enough to get them through a few months of down time. They need that time in order to produce the next record.

It’s not just the musicians that have to worry, though. There are touring crews. For every performing artist, there are people whose job it is to ensure sound and lighting equipment is operating properly, to move equipment, someone who’s qualified to drive a tour bus or van… roadies. These people have marketable skills, but they often don’t have a huge savings account. If no performers are going on tour, their skills can’t earn them paychecks.

Now, Dropkick Murphys are a band out of Boston who typically sell out stadiums on St. Patrick’s Day. They have decided to step up with a free online concert on Facebook, visible via multiple platforms.

Inspired by his friends (for whom he opened repeatedly when first breaking into the American market) British artist Frank Turner is holding his own concert a little earlier in the day. His is through Facebook, and it’s being held not just for the fans but as a fundraiser for touring crews.

Tune in, watch, and if you like it you’re encouraged to toss some money toward the roadies.

(You may have to “like” the page first. I don’t know. I am anything but a social media expert.)

Everyone pitching in, helping each other by offering services, all without the government being involved, one band from the U.S., and one from an allied foreign nation. It sounds very much like what America used to talk about as, well, our ideals.

Here’s Frank Turner’s link.  His concert starts at 4:30 PM Eastern time.

Here’s a guide to getting over to the Dropkick Murphys, at 7 PM Eastern.

And here are some samples for their music:

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