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Ambigram palindrome sentence (in ancient Greek). Photo by Christina Kekka.

Preface: The following short and pointless story started with a list of palindromes and what seemed like a creative idea. The object of the exercise was to see how many palindromes I could use in a very brief story. Each sentence had to develop the story beyond what previous sentences built. I had no preconception of the story line or any idea how the story would turn out. My apologies to all.


“I’m playing mostly ABBA tunes tonight”, Anna announced as she walked into the family’s music room and sat down at the theremin. Bob greeted her with “Hi, Sis!” Her younger sister Hannah didn’t look up. “What time is your gig?” Anna replied, “Starts at eight, but I must be there by seven to help setup. Most of the band has the flu, so I expect to perform multiple solos.” Bob broke in, “I still can’t believe the international stats. I never could have guessed how popular ABBA tunes played purely as instrumentals on the theremin would become.”

Hannah reported, “Mom says Adam may have the flu. He came home from school at noon today. She gave him a few minim of medicine and sent him to bed. He hasn’t made a peep since.” Concerned, Anna looked at Hannah. “Are you on the level?” “Yup, no gag.” “Wow, I hope no one else in the house catches it.”

Changing the subject, Anna asked, “What do you think of my new dress? I’m wearing it tonight.” Hannah wrinkled her nose. “I hate the color, what is that anyway? Chartreuse?” Anna scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s tea green”, then added ruefully, “but Emil sees lime.”

Bob burst out laughing. “Hah! What do you see in that guy anyway? He should wear a bib when he eats, and there’s not a single ewe in his entire herd of sheep. He has a kayak that looks like someone ran over with a rotavator, and…” Hannah piled on, “Why is he even on your radar?”

Anna turned red. Defensively, she shot back at Bob, “He’s better than that Evil Olive you still carry a torch for!” Now it was Bob’s turn playing defense. Weakly, he offered up, “It’s my civic duty, she is our mayor’s daughter you know.” Seizing the momentum, Anna scornfully adressed Bob, eye to eye. “You’ve deified her ever since seventh grade, bub, when her Dad was just a repaper man!”

Bob frantically searched for a comeback. “Well, Emil can’t do a single pullup, and Olive looks great in her Hawaiian iniki bikini.” Anna’s frown grew more severe. Her anger nearly out of control, she shouted, “Heh! That’s the best you can do, huh? How superficial of you!” Bob stood up to flee the room, but tripped over the sleeping pup laying in the middle of the floor. He tried to catch himself, but ended up twisting his arm at the shoulder.

“Ahahaha”, he cried in agony without a hint of amusement. “I think I’ve torn my rotator cuff!”



Question of the night: How many palindromes can you find above? (Count each example only once, even if a palindrome is used multiple times). The list and exact number will be posted in the comments sometime around noon, eastern time. This is a cashless contest with semi-fabulous time-domain prizes! Must be present to win, no one under 18 years of age, please. ALTERNATIVELY, you may post your favorite palindromes in the comment section if you prefer not to compete for dubious prizes.

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