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Cowboy hat and boots, photo by MaurieF

Throughout the country, zoos and museums have been closing to the public as a response to the spread of coronavirus. Some, such as the Cincinnati Zoo, have begun live-streaming for people stuck at home. Others have attempted to develop interest for when the doors are eventually reopened by posting pictures of current and prior exhibits to social media.

Because they’re now operating under budgetary and occupational limits, some places have had to relinquish those jobs from their normal media-savvy personnel to others who have to be present, like site managers. This is what happened to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma. The job of posting for the museum has been temporarily reassigned to their head of security. While he is an expert in security matters, though, he’s not exactly adroit with social media.

One week into his new job, he’s gotten the hang of it… but his learning curve has become a point of absolute delight for some on the internet desperate for entertainment that contains no swearing, no denigration… no negativity at all. Just a person trying to figure out what hashtags are and learning the difference between consulting Google and posting to Twitter.

Some examples:

I don’t know about anyone else, but the next time I find myself in Oklahoma City (which is about once a year) I suspect I’ve found a museum I’m going to visit.

Question of the night: What’s an online site you’d recommend for visiting to people stuck at home? (Besides this one, of course!)

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