TNB Night Owl – The Infinite Cat Project

Cat sleeping on keyboard. Photo by Remedios44.

March is supposed to come in like a lion, but we’ll focus on the lion’s tiny cousin tonight.

What happens when you find a picture of a cat on the internet, then your cat takes an interest in the photo? Usually, nothing. In one case it started the infinite cat project.

There are plenty of pages on the internet about pets, with the majority of them quite reasonably focused on dogs or cats. Mike Stanfill began his,, when he took a photo of his cat staring on a cat on the internet, and then took another photo of a different cat staring at the image he’d previously taken.

After making a call for open submissions, the project was on.

The rules are simple: a photo must be taken of a cat watching the current top-of-page cat on a screen of some sort, whether monitor, tablet or phone. The cat cannot be restrained in any way. A majority of the cat must be showing, not merely the back of the head. All submissions become the property of the web site.

That’s it.

Currently the project is up to 1,846 cats, with the latest being Winnifred who is watching Cookie who is watching Dori watching Inca watching Jiji watching…

One way or another, it’s more fun than counting sheep, and it’s a bit of curiosity that is completely family-safe, if you feel like distracting your child or grandchild for a bit of cat scrolling.

Question of the night: Are any of your pet photos posted to an internet site?

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