Trump Tweets on St. Patrick’s Day for Tuesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Tuesday aka Taco Tuesday or for today only St. Patrick’s Day!

For Taco/St. Patrick’s Day Tuesday President Impeached has tweeted 3 times.

Attacks the Governor of New York…

He moves on to attacking the Governor of Michigan….

Moving on once again President Impeached tweets without irony…

Chinese Virus =’s coronavirus or COVID-19.

While the virus did originate in China, in the U.S. we have community spread, thus making it not the Chinese Virus, it is now a global pandemic, that has as of Tuesday morning claimed the lives of 7,330 people globally. 85 of those deaths are American’s. (John Hopkins COVID-19 Tracking Map.)

So far Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), has not responded to President Impeached tweet, but Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan (D).

From the linked website in her last tweet Michigan has 54 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

On Monday Michigan announced that starting on Tuesday; the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will begin reporting COVID-19 case numbers at a new time with new metrics. In a daily web update at 2 p.m., the department will provide statewide numbers for:

  • Cases and deaths broken down by county
  • Cases by age range (in 10-year increments)
  • Cases by sex

The data will include all information obtained by midnight the previous day.

Prior to President Impeached tweet attacking her as a failed governor, Whitmer appeared on MSNBC…

Governor Cuomo held a presser on Tuesday morning.

Some highlights from the presser.

Cuomo opened the presser by saying;

Coumo: If you are upset by what we have done. Be upset at me. A County executive did not this, the Village Mayor did not do this, the city mayor did not make these decisions. I made these decisions. These were all State ordered rules. It’s not your local elected official. I made them because I believe they are in the best interest of this State. I know they caused disruption, I know people are upset, I know businesses will be hurt by this. I don’t feel good about that, I feel very bad about that because I know we are then going to have to deal with that issue as soon as this immediate public health issue is over.

Como con’t: But, my judgment is do whatever is necessary to contain this virus and then we will manage the consequences afterwards. The old express the buck stops on my desk. The buck stops on my desk. Your local managers did not close your restaurants, your bars, your gyms, or your schools. I did. I did. I assume full responsibility.

This post maybe updated within reason.

This is an Open Thread.


For what it’s worth:

Live daily coronavirus aka Trump is the best ever president ever presser.

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