Trump Tweets “Our Pathetic,” Federal Reserve for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday aka Super Tuesday Lite, with six states headed to the polls to help determine the Democratic Candidate that will square-off with President Impeached for the general Presidential election of 2020.

For Super Tuesday Lite, President Impeached has tweeted 13 times and retweeted 7 times.

The over 2 minute clip does not mention the virus as a reason we need “wall.”

A wall will not contain a virus.

Moving on from “wall,” he brags about Fox & Friends TV ratings and credits himself for their “wow,” ratings.

I’m glad to see he’s focused on the important issues…

President Impeached moves away from TV ratings to focus on election Polling.

According to a Morning Consult poll released on Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Impeached with 48 percent saying they’d vote for Biden if the Presidential election was held today. Only 41 percent of those polled said they’d support President Impeached.

The poll was conducted between March 5th, and March 8th and included “at least,” 6,112 registered voters, with a margin of error of plus/minus 1 percent.

Real Clear Politics has Biden’s average in a hypothetical match-up between himself and President Impeached at 50 percent in favor of Biden, while 44 percent favor President Impeached.

In keeping with the Super Tuesday Lite theme…

Moving away from the election…

Once again I’m pleased to see he’s focused on important matters.

We move on…

According to The White House, President Impeached will be awarding the Medal of Freedom to retired General Jack Keane on Tuesday @ 4:30 D.C. time.

President Impeached goes from “a great honor,” to attacking, again, the Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Jerome Powell.

On Monday as the News Blender reported, the Stock Market took a serious tumble. The market ended with the DOW closing 2,013 points down.

On Tuesday, following President Impeached floating a payroll tax cut in the hopes of stabilizing the markets, the market rebounded at the open surging 900 points.

The surge did not last along wiping out the early 900 plus point gain to drop back in negative territory only to rebound slightly gaining 100 plus points as of the writing of this post. (Business Insider.)

Moving away from trying to interfere with the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, President Impeached focuses on “Russia, Russia, Russia…”

President Impeached moves on to quote, partially, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

According to The Hill, Pelosi on Monday unveiled the Democratic plan for round two of economic relief in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
They quote her as saying:

We are putting it together; it’s not like we just woke up this morning and started thinking about this. I don’t know that we can be ready this week but we can introduce this week. We can introduce [it] and we may be ready [to vote on it], depending on CBO, depending on [legislative] counsel and how quickly they can [estimate the cost],

The Hill. 03/09/2020.

President shifts gears to praise his team…

Democrat Washington State Governor Jay Inslee praised Vice President Mike Pence on March 5th, thanking him for his help regarding the Washington State coronavirus outbreak.

On March 6th, President Impeached called Inslee a snake…

Moving on…

NBC News reported on Monday following the floating of a payroll tax cut Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), called an economic stimulus “premature.” Grassely, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee added, “I don’t think that’s warranted.”

His last tweet so far for Super Tuesday Lite, thanks Senate Republicans…

It’s being reported that President Impeached will hold a news conference on Tuesday to announce his economic stimulus package in the wake of the coronavirus U.S. outbreak. On Tuesday CNBC News reported that according to administration officials, the White House plan is not ready to roll out.

However, inside the administration, some officials were stunned by Trump’s claim Monday that he would hold a press conference Tuesday to announce an economic plan. “That was news to everyone on the inside,” one official said.

CNBC News. 03/10/2020.

According to them, the package would include:

In addition to the potential payroll tax cut, which faces skepticism from Senate Republicans, Trump also said the administration would work with travel industry players, such as airlines and cruise lines, as travel restrictions and fears stemming from the outbreak take a toll on them. American Airlines on Tuesday, for instance, slashed international and domestic flights as demand craters.

CNBC News. 03/10/2020.

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