Watch Live: Coronavirus Task Force Update

President Trump and Mitch McConnell

It’s once again time for President Impeached to address the media from the White House press briefing room for his daily mini-rally.

At Friday’s presser President Impeached attacked a journalist for daring to ask what the leader of the free world would say to people who are scared right now.

The exchange took placed after NBC News reporter Peter Alexander asked if maybe President Impeached was giving false hope to people that the drug Hydroxychloroquine & Axithromycin, might be effective in treating COVID-19.

He’s asked about the attack by fellow journalist Kaitlan Collins.

The question from Alexander came the same day that NBC News learned that a longtime NBC News employee Larry Edgeworth passed away from the coronavirus. He was 61 years old.

Alexander went on to ask the head of the coronavirus task force, Vice President Mike Pence the same question.

Doctor Anthony Fauci attempted to downplay President Impeached false hope that the two drugs would be effective against coronavirus.

On Saturday morning President Impeached again pushed that the drugs as a treatment for the virus.

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I suspect that President Impeached will be asked about Pence’s staff member that has tested positive for the virus. It’s also possible he will be asked about the self-quarantine of Fox Business show host Lou Dobbs following exposure to the virus.

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