Watch Live: White House Coronavirus Presser 03/25/20

The White House. Photo by Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons

President Impeached is scheduled to give another mini-rally aka a press briefing to inform the American people what his administration is doing to combat the coronavirus.

Prior to Wednesday’s mini-rally President Impeached informed the people that it’s the media that is pushing to keep the country “closed.”

As mentioned in Tuesday’s presser, President Impeached has said in wants the country reopened by April 12th.

First, we aren’t closed, people are still working. Some industries like the beauty industry, places like Staples Center, and bars, are closed, because those businesses aren’t able to practice social distancing. It’s the same with airplanes, cruise liners, and amusement parks such as Disneyland.

Second, the only thing that President Impeached can do, is rescind his travel restrictions. He cannot lift states shelter in place orders.

Third, it’s not the media advising that we continue to limit our movements, shelter in place, and social distance, it’s experts. Just yesterday, during the shortest mini-rally yet, both Dr. Fauci, and Dr. Brix advised those that have traveled to New York, to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Fourth, and most important to remember, he is so not the boss of us. We are in fact his boss and it is up to us, not him, to protect each other.

In short the government cannot force companies to “get back to work,” if the company feels there is too much risk to reopen they simply don’t have to.

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