Watch Live: White House Press Briefing 03/26/2020

Trump Parade parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

President Impeached via Twitter announced he’d be holding an evening news conference to discuss the meeting he had with the G20 leaders and U.S. Governors.

In Thursday mini-rally we should expect him to be asked about the $2 trillion stimulus package passed in the Senate late Wednesday. I suspect he’ll say, it was historic.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported on a letter sent to Governors advising them that President Impeached and his administration are revising social distancing guidelines.

This letter probably will likely be mentioned in relation to President “I don’t take responsibility,” attempt to have the country “reopened,” by April 12th, which is Easter Sunday.

According to John Hopkins the U.S. surpassed 1,000 deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic with 80,021 total confirmed cases. 619 are said to be in total recovery.

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President Tardiness announced via Twitter for the first I can recall that the presser start time would be later than scheduled.

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