Happy Easter!

Sunrise over Little Gasparilla Island, Florida. Photo by Mmacbeth.

For many Christians, this is the most holy of days; the only reason I don’t say “all” Christians is that some denominations mark Easter on a different calendar date. For all of them, the day of Easter is dominant.

Christmas is beloved, of course, but Easter is the day on which we commemorate the Lord’s rising, and the opening of access to Heaven. This is the “eternal life” of which is spoken. It is the great promise: that as we work to fulfill God’s plan, we will not be forgotten. Our lives will mean something as part of the grand scheme, and as a reward we will be allowed to continue afterward with contact, facilitated by God, with our loved ones.

This core hope is echoed through non-Christian religions. In these times of daily horror, that expectation is something which keeps us going. It is a reminder of the fundamental cosmic justice that awaits, that a core morality exists.

Enjoy your Easter. If you are Christian, find comfort. If you are not, remember that this is merely a commemoration for Christians, and that the promise they embrace is likely found in your own beliefs (and probably celebrated, although on a different date): you can thus join in the celebration of the idea, even if you don’t believe in Jesus’ divinity. If you’re irreligious, you can simply enjoy the notion that there are days set aside to remind everyone of the value of basic morality; if people took such notions seriously every day, the world would be a much better place for us all.

It’s Easter. This is a day of celebration, even in times of adversity. I wish you and yours the best day possible – a day of hope.

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