Morning Humor (Because I Missed The Weekend)

Sheila, the PC cat. Photo by Kormoran.

2016: I wish I could work from home.

2017: All these startup tech companies are talking about how much more efficient it is to work at home. I can’t believe upper management won’t let me work from home.

2018: Upper management all get to work from home. It saves wear and tear on the car. No toll bills. I could make my own lunch and breakfast, save money there. I wouldn’t be stuck for more than an hour a day in commute. It’s just stupid that I can’t work from home!

2019: I can’t believe I have a cold again. I come into work and there’s always someone sick. I am so tired of all this crap. Why can’t I just work from home?!

2020: Wow, this sucks.

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