TNB Night Owl–Our Kid’s Picks

Dog is playing drums - Metallica Enter Sandman. Photo by Fumews Fung.

Another week under lockdown. We’re still watching most of our YouTube with our eight year old next to us. To mix things up a little bit I handed the reins over to The Kid for her top YouTube picks. This is all transcribed straight from her mouth:

Good Mythical Morning. This is a channel where two guys named Rhett and Link do weird and funny stuff that sometimes gives them extreme pain. My favorite part of the show is seeing them do funny stuff.

DanTDM. It is a channel where someone plays different video games. It is quite useful if you are stuck at a point on a video game.

The Cincinnati Zoo Channel. During quarantine they are doing Home Safaris where you can learn about different animals. My favorite was Rido the prehensile tailed porcupine.

Chunk the Groundhog. Chunk is this groundhog who comes to this one guy’s garden and eats his food in front of a camera sometimes with his girlfriend. We know his girlfriend is either pregnant or nursing something.

The Crufts Dog Show Channel. What they do on there is show different parts of dog shows. My favorite part is seeing all the cute dogs and what they do.

Question of the night (also from The Kid): What’s your favorite YouTube channel?

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