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The long quarantine has inspired many people to practice some rusty skills. Gardening equipment has had a boom, with seed packets becoming hard to find. Yeast, normally easy to locate, has become coveted as fresh breads are baked and amateurs practice their pizza making. Unsurprisingly, whether due to the comfort factor or the simple desire for something delicious, desserts are being prepared in kitchens which haven’t seen a homemade cake or cookies in years.

If you’re among the ranks of those who dabble in home pastry, you’ve undoubtedly seen the many beautifully decorated creations which adorn Instagram and pepper food magazines. While they present a challenge, many of them seem to require as much practice with sculpture as they do baking. I present tonight an alternative, something that focuses far less on the appearance than the raw difficulty of preparation. If you’re locked down with a family of twenty or you simply intend to gorge yourself as if you are, I give you… the Pumpecapple Piecake.

A creation of Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, the original costs $250. Making it at home will be considerably cheaper, and it’ll be a challenge. That’s because the cake consists of three layers… pumpkin spice cake on the top, chocolate cake in the center, and apple spice cake on the bottom, all coated with cream cheese icing. If you want to get as fancy as the original, you can even coat the exterior of the bottom layer with pecan pieces and put a layer of caramel drizzle over the top. Almost a foot of cake, ready for consumption!

…Except that it’s a piecake. For those unfamiliar with the process, it involves baking a pie inside of a cake, so that cutting into the cake reveals a pie interior. More accurately, it’s three layers of piecake: apple pie in the base, pecan pie in the center, and pumpkin pie in the top.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. But it’s a challenge, and you don’t have much else to do these days….

Question of the night: Are there any rusty skills you find yourself honing, or new ones you’re developing, during the lockdown?

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