TNB Night Owl–The Flying Luna Clipper

This has to be the first time I did a Night Owl before finishing the movie. It’s still playing while I’m typing this. About one fifth of the way in I wasn’t sure if I would use this for the Friday Movie, but AlienMotives is the one who encouraged me to do so because people are quarantined and, frankly, bored. This isn’t a boring video. I’m not sure what it is, but “boring” isn’t an adjective I would use.

I found THE FLYING LUNA CLIPPER (1987) after following a YouTube rabbit hole for about an hour looking at various movie playlists. That far down the hole is where the really strange stuff comes up. Very little exists online about this strange piece of 8 bit animation. It was made using MSX2 technology. The MSX was early computer technology–think pre-Commodore 64 days. Considering that, its impressive what they were able to come up with…at least visually. 90% of the graphics are very early pixelated images. The other ten is live action footage of falling naked babies and clowns on trampolines. But I get ahead of myself.

I haven’t gotten to the plot yet. I’ll sum it up the best I am able. A luxury airliner opens up for “the best dreamers” to take a ride. The plane is populated with anthropomorphized flowers, fruits and vegetables, a duck, a snowman, and what at a best guess is a monkey wearing a cabbage on his head. The flight is hosted by a large breasted banana with wings. While in flight they are told supposed Polynesian stories about yellow birds flying around the moon, and mosquito bits that created the world…and dancing with gravity. Then the snowman gets dropped off on a tropical island. Then we cut back to the snowman hanging out at a bar then getting back on the plane. I have no clue. It’s all so very, very strange.

As I said before, there isn’t much information available about this thing. Someone somewhere found a laserdisc in a thrift store, watched it, and upon seeing how totally bonkers it was posted it online. And now I spread the joy to you guys because, for almost an hour, you can at least say you weren’t bored:

Question of the night: pie or cake?

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