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Dear Blenders due to technical difficulties Alien was unable to write The Night Owl, so, here I am, 16 minutes past post time, tossing together the last minute Owl.

We at the News Blender hope that Alien’s computer is alive and well.

So given it’s the last minute, I present a YouTube guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve been spending a lot of time during the coronavirus self-isolation/quarantine on YouTube, but before we were social distancing one night I stumbled onto this video.

And 23 minutes later a guilty pleasure was born.

I have now watched far more than one would consider healthy, even the one featuring One Direction, a boy band, I seriously, have heard possibly two whole songs from.

But, that’s why it’s called a “guilty pleasure.”

Another one of my favorites is this one.

This one too.

And finally this one.

Question of the night: What is your guilty pleasure?

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